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Lionel Messi Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

March 24th, 2024

Lionel Messi Amigurumi Free Pattern

Designer: @ohvillos

In the thrilling world of crochet, we take a step forward to introduce you to a unique and captivating pattern: Lionel Messi amigurumi version crafted 100% by @ohvillos. Standing at just 13 cm tall and with a medium difficulty level, this captivating project allows you to crochet one of the world’s most talented footballers. To recreate the Argentine star, we carefully selected thread colors that capture Messi’s essence on the field. Yellow for his characteristic mane, white for his game uniform, skin tone for his distinctive features, brown for the details, and sky blue to represent his Argentine football roots.
With each stitch, this pattern weaves a story that goes beyond the football field. Messi, known for his ball skills and ability to dazzle crowds, can now be part of your amigurumi collection. In addition to his prowess on the field, Messi is an icon off it. His inspiring story, dedication, and impact on the global football community make this amigurumi more than just a knitted doll. It’s a tribute to the legacy of a true sports hero.
Embark on your journey with our free Messi Crochet Pattern and dive into creating this miniature that pays homage to a football giant. With each stitch, you’ll not only be crafting a doll but also celebrating Lionel Messi’s unwavering spirit. Make Messi the next goal in your amigurumi collection! 🧢⚽✨

Β‘Let's get started!

  • Cotton yarn
    2.00mm crochet hook
    10mm safety eyes
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Tapestry needle
  • Silicone or glue
  • Stitch markers
  • Galvanized wire #20
  • Stuffing tool
  • Stuffing
  • Black embroidery thread
  • White embroidery thread

CH: chain
MR: magic ring
SC: single crochet
BLO: back loop only
HDC: half double crochet
INC: increase
INV DEC: invisible decrease
INV DEC BLO: invisible decrease in the back loop only
BPSC: Back post single crochet (refer to tutorial)
(x): number of stitches per round
( ) x NΒ°: sequence to be repeated NΒ° times.

Technical Information
  • The stitch I use while crocheting is in the form of an “x” to achieve greater durability.
  • Rounds are worked in a spiral/rows unless the pattern indicates otherwise.
  • It’s important to use a stitch marker or a piece of yarn to mark the beginning of each round.
  • Crochet Messi with the highest tension possible to prevent stitches from opening when stuffing.
  • Crochet all pieces with the same hook size.

Tips for crocheting Amigurumis πŸ˜‰

  1. 🧡 Choose Quality Materials: The quality of your materials directly impacts the final result. Opt for soft and durable yarns, and needles that suit your knitting style. Remember, your amigurumis deserve the best!
  2. πŸ“ Know Your Gauge: Before diving into the project, take time to understand your knitting tension. Making a small test square will help you adjust the size and achieve a perfect amigurumi.
  3. πŸ“– Dive into the Pattern: Before you start knitting, carefully read through the entire pattern. Familiarize yourself with each step and make sure you understand all the instructions. This prior knowledge will make you feel more confident during the process.
  4. πŸ“ Use Stitch Markers: Marking the beginning of each round with a stitch marker is key. This not only helps you follow the pattern more easily but also prevents errors and confusion.
  5. 🌈 Explore with Colors: The color palette is your canvas! Don’t be afraid to experiment and play with unexpected combinations. Colorful amigurumis are more fun and expressive.
  6. 🧼 Block Your Creations with Care: After completing your amigurumi, blocking is essential. This process smooths out the details and defines the shape, giving a professional touch to your creations. Remember, crochet is more than a hobby; it’s an art form. Enjoy every stitch and create magic with your own hands! πŸ’–βœ¨ Happy knitting! 🌸🌟
Legs (make 2)

Golden yellow color (2702)
Round 1: 7sc in a MR (7)
Round 2: 7inc (14)
Round 3: (1sc, 1inc) x7 (21)
Round 4: 21bpsc (refer to tutorial) (21)
Yellow color (2302)
Round 5: 21sc (21)
Round 6: 5sc, 5inv dec, 6sc (16)
White color (1102)
Round 7: 16sc BLO (16)
Rounds 8-9:Β 16sc | 2 rounds (16)
Skin color (3002)
Rounds 10-12: 16sc | 3 rounds (16)
White color (1102)
Round 13: 16sc BLO (16)
Round 14: 16sc (16)
Cut the yarn leaving a small tail.
Now we will continue crocheting the right leg.

Image 1

We will continue crocheting the right leg, but this time we will NOT cut the yarn. Crochet 4 additional sc to reach the center of the leg, then chain 2 and make the first sc on the left leg, counting 3 stitches back from the last stitch of round 14.
White color (1102)
Round 15: 16sc (p1) + 2sc (ch) + 16sc (p2) + 2sc (ch) (36)
Round 16: (5sc, 1inc) x6 (42)
Rounds 17-18: 42sc | 2 rounds (42)
Round 19: (5sc, 1dec) x6 BLO (36)
Round 20-22: 36sc | 3 rounds (36)
Round 23: (4sc, 1dec) x6 (30)
Round 24-25: 30sc | 2 rounds (30)
Round 26: (3sc, 1dec) x6 (24)
Round 27: 24sc (24)
Skin color (3002)
Round 28: 3sc, 1dec; (6sc, 1dec) x2; 3sc (21)
Round 29: 21sc (21)
Cut the yarn leaving a long tail.

Image 2
Arms (make 2)

Skin color (3002)
Round 1: 8sc in a magic ring (8)
Rounds 2-8: 8sc | 7 rounds (8)
White color (1102)
Rounds 9-11: 8sc | 3 rounds (8)
Crochet 3 additional sc and close the arm with 3sc. There’s no need for stuffing. They will be sewn on round 27.

Let's decorate the body.
  1. Use sky blue cotton thread and locate the central point of round 19, insert the thread through the neck and come out at this point. Embroider 3 vertical lines for each stripe that the jersey will have. The needle will come out in round 27 where the rounds of white color end. In total, 6 stripes will be knitted (3 front and 3 back).
  2. With black embroidery thread, embroider the details of the jersey and shorts.
  3. Knit 19 chains with white thread which will be sewn in round 13 (Short edge).
  4. Embroider the stripes of the socks with sky blue thread between round 8 and round 9.
  5. Place the wire to articulate the arms.
  6. Knit 10 chains with yellow thread which will be sewn in round 10 (Captain’s armband).
Image 3
Image 4
Image 5
Image 6
Image 7

Skin Color (3002)
Round 1: 7 sc in a magic ring (7)
Round 2: 7 inc (14)
Round 3: (1 sc, 1 inc) x 7 (21)
Round 4: 1 sc, 1 inc: (2 sc, 1 inc) x 6; 1 sc (28)
Round 5: (3 sc, 1 inc) x 7 (35)
Round 6: 2 sc, 1 inc: (4 sc, 1 inc) x 6; 2 sc (42)
Round 7: (5 sc, 1 inc) x 7 (49)
Round 8: 3 sc, 1 inc: (6 sc, 1 inc) x 6; 3 sc (56)
Rounds 9-23: 56 sc | 15 rounds (56)
Round 24: 3 sc, 1 dec: (6 sc, 1 dec) x 6, 3 sc (49)
Round 25: (5 sc, 1 dec) x 7 (42)
Round 26: 2 sc, 1 dec: (4 sc, 1 dec) x 6, 2 sc (35)
Round 27: (3 sc, 1 dec) x 7 (28)
Round 28: 1 sc, 1 dec: (2 sc, 1 dec) x 6, 1 sc (21)

Let's decorate the head.
  • Insert the safety eyes between rounds 17 and 18 with a distance of ten stitches apart. Stuff the head.
  • Embroider highlights on the eyes. Use white yarn and outline half of each eye.
  • Embroider the eyebrows between rounds 13 and 15 (4 stitches wide).
  • Embroider the nose between rounds 18 and 19, taking 2 central stitches between the eyes.
  • Sew the ears between rounds 17 and 18, 5 stitches away from each eye.
Image 8
Ears (make 2)

Skin color (3002)
7 single crochet stitches in a magic ring (7)


Brown color (5902)
Crochet 29 chains, starting from the 2nd chain from the hook, do:
Round 1: 27 single crochet stitches, 4 single crochet stitches in the last stitch. Start crocheting on the other side, 27 remaining single crochet stitches.
Round 2: 1 increase (first stitch of the first round), 12 single crochet stitches, 6 chains (skip 4 stitches, start crocheting in the 5th stitch), 12 single crochet stitches.
Cut and weave in the yarn end.

Image 9

Brown color (5902)
Round 1: 8 single crochet stitches in a magic ring (8)
Round 2: 8 increases (16)
Round 3: (1 single crochet, 1 increase) repeat 8 times (24)

We will start crocheting the strands around round 3. Do not skip any stitches.
Strands 1-14: Make 24 chains, starting from the second chain from the hook, crochet 23 half double crochet stitches. Make a slip stitch in the next stitch. Repeat this sequence until you crochet the 14 strands.
Strand 15: Make 13 chains, starting from the second chain from the hook, crochet 12 half double crochet stitches. Make a slip stitch in the next stitch.
Strands 16-23: Make 21 chains, starting from the second chain from the hook, crochet (1 single crochet, 1 increase) 5 times, then finish crocheting the last 10 single crochet stitches. Make a slip stitch in the next stitch. Repeat this sequence until you crochet the 8 strands.
Strand 24: Make 13 chains, starting from the second chain from the hook, crochet 12 half double crochet stitches. Make a slip stitch in the next stitch. Cut the yarn and weave in the end.

Image 10
Image 11
Putting the Finishing Touches
  1. Glue the strands carefully to avoid staining the fabric. You can use silicone or your preferred glue.
  2. Carefully attach the beard; you can also add a few stitches for extra security.
  3. Apply a small amount of glue to the forehead and attach the 8 strands (Refer to image).
  4. This is how Messi’s hairstyle should look (SEE TUTORIAL).
Image 12
Almost there...
Image 13

Stitch the body to the head. Print the logos on photo paper.

Congratulations! You did it! The Lionel Messi pattern is complete. Thank you for your support! I hope you enjoyed crafting the swan using Amigurumilandia's patterns.

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