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Tommy Pickles Amigurumi Free Pattern

April 18th, 2024

Embark on a delightful journey into the whimsical world of Rugrats with our Tommy amigurumi pattern, meticulously crafted by @creandoilusioness. Tommy Pickles, the intrepid adventurer from the iconic animated series, comes to life in crochet form, standing at a charming 17 cm tall. Designed with both beginners and seasoned crochet enthusiasts in mind, this pattern offers an engaging and rewarding experience for all skill levels. Tommy Pickles, with his endearing curiosity and boundless imagination, has been a beloved character for generations of fans. From his tousled hair to his signature turquoise diaper, every detail of Tommy’s iconic look is faithfully recreated in this crochet pattern. Knitting Tommy is not just about creating a toy; it’s about reliving cherished memories of childhood and celebrating the timeless appeal of Rugrats.
As you crochet Tommy, you’ll rediscover the joy and nostalgia of watching Rugrats, the groundbreaking animated series that captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. Join Tommy, along with his adventurous friends like Chuckie, Angelica, and the twins Phil and Lil, on their escapades filled with humor, imagination, and life lessons. Our Tommy amigurumi pattern includes step-by-step instructions and helpful tips to guide you through the knitting process with ease. Whether you’re a fan of Rugrats looking to add to your collection of crochet dolls or a newcomer eager to explore the world of amigurumi, this pattern is perfect for you. Dive into the Rugrats universe, where every stitch brings you closer to the cherished memories of childhood and the enduring magic of Tommy Pickles.

Start your crochet adventure today with our free English Tommy amigurumi pattern and immerse yourself in the nostalgic charm of Rugrats. Join us in celebrating the beloved characters and timeless stories that continue to captivate audiences of all ages.

Β‘Let's get started!

  • Cotton yarn 8/6 in the following colors: Skin, Turquoise, and White
  • Siliconized fiberfill
  • Crochet hook size 3 mm
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors
  • Stitch marker
  • Wrapped wire
  • Safety eyes size 16
  • Black and yellow embroidery thread

MR: Magic Ring
ch: Chain
sc: Single crochet
sl st: Slip stitch
hdc: Half double crochet
dc: Double crochet
blo: Back loop only
flo: Front loop only
dec: Decrease
inc: Increase
bub st: Bubble stitch (4 double crochets closed together)

Approximate height: 17cm

Tips for crocheting Amigurumis πŸ˜‰

  1. 🧡 Choose Quality Materials: The quality of your materials directly impacts the final result. Opt for soft and durable yarns, and needles that suit your knitting style. Remember, your amigurumis deserve the best!
  2. πŸ“ Know Your Gauge: Before diving into the project, take time to understand your knitting tension. Making a small test square will help you adjust the size and achieve a perfect amigurumi.
  3. πŸ“– Dive into the Pattern: Before you start knitting, carefully read through the entire pattern. Familiarize yourself with each step and make sure you understand all the instructions. This prior knowledge will make you feel more confident during the process.
  4. πŸ“ Use Stitch Markers: Marking the beginning of each round with a stitch marker is key. This not only helps you follow the pattern more easily but also prevents errors and confusion.
  5. 🌈 Explore with Colors: The color palette is your canvas! Don’t be afraid to experiment and play with unexpected combinations. Colorful amigurumis are more fun and expressive.
  6. 🧼 Block Your Creations with Care: After completing your amigurumi, blocking is essential. This process smooths out the details and defines the shape, giving a professional touch to your creations. Remember, crochet is more than a hobby; it’s an art form. Enjoy every stitch and create magic with your own hands! πŸ’–βœ¨ Happy knitting! 🌸🌟

With skin color, crochet in spiral.
Rnd 1: Make 13 chains
Rnd 2: 1 inc, 10 sc, 4 sc in last chain, 10 sc on the back of the chains, 1 inc (28)
Rnd 3: 2 inc, 10 sc, 4 inc, 10 sc, 2 inc (36)
Rnd 4-6: 36 sc (36)
Rnd 7: [1 sc, 1 inc] x2, 10 sc, [1 sc, 1 inc] x4, 10 sc, [1 sc, 1 inc] x2 (44)
Rnd 8: [2 sc, 1 inc] x2, 10 sc, [2 sc, 1 inc] x4, 10 sc, [2 sc, 1 inc] x2 (52)
Rnd 9: [3 sc, 1 inc] x2, 10 sc, [3 sc, 1 inc] x4, 10 sc, [3 sc, 1 inc] x2 (60)
Rnd 10-24: 60 sc
Rnd 25: [3 sc, 1 dec] x2, 10 sc, [3 sc, 1 dec] x4, 10 sc, [3 sc, 1 dec] x2 (52)
Rnd 26: [2 sc, 1 dec] x2, 10 sc, [2 sc, 1 dec] x4, 10 sc, [2 sc, 1 dec] x2 (44)
Rnd 27: [1 sc, 1 dec] x2, 10 sc, [1 sc, 1 dec] x4, 10 sc, [1 sc, 1 dec] x2 (36)
Rnd 28: 2 dec, 10 sc, 4 dec, 10 sc, 2 dec (28)
Rnd 29: 2 dec, 6 sc, 4 dec, 6 sc, 2 dec (20) stuff the head
Rnd 30: 2 dec, 2 sc, 4 dec, 2 sc, 2 dec (12)
Rnd 31: blo 6 dec
Do not close with a yarn needle, the covered wire will enter through this opening.

Image 1

The eyes are placed between rows 18 and 19 of the head, with 10 stitches apart.

Image 2

Embroider the nose between rows 20 and 21, using 4 stitches.


Using the skin color, work in the front loops of row 30 of the head:
Insert hook right at the back center.
Rnd 1: 12 sc (12)
Switch to turquoise color.
Color changes are always made before closing the stitch.


In turquoise color
Rnd 1: 12 sc in the front loops of row 1 of the neck (12)
Rnd 2: 12 inc in the front loops of row 1 of the neck (24)
Rnd 3: 24 inc (48)
Rnd 4: Sleeve and body separation: there should be 16 sc for the back, 16 sc for the front, and 8 unworked stitches on each side (which will be left pending for later arm creation). Work sc necessary to reach one side, I crocheted 8 sc. Skip 8 base stitches, 16 sc, skip 8 base stitches, 8 sc (32)
Rnd 5: [3 sc, 1 inc] x 8 (40)
Rnd 6-7: 40 sc (40)
Rnd 8: Back loops only [4 sc, 1 inc] x 8 (48)
Rnd 9: 48 sc (48)
Cut the yarn and weave in the end.

Image 3

In skin color
Rnd 1: 40 sc in the back loops of round 7 of the trunk (40)
Rnd 2-7: 40 sc (40)
Rnd 8: [3 sc, 1 dec] x 8 (32)
Stuff the trunk and insert the wrapped wire.
Cut a 50 cm wire and fold it in half.
Crochet necessary sc to reach the middle of the back, in line with the eyes.
Do not cut the yarn. Continue with the legs…

Image 4

The wire goes through the opening left in the head, and the division is for each leg.

Legs (make 2)

Continuing in skin color:
Rnd 1: Skip 16 base stitches and insert hook into stitch No. 17: Make 16 sc.
Rnd 2: [2 sc, 1 dec] x 4 (12)
Rnds 3-7: 12 sc (12)
Do not cut the yarn. Continue with the foot…

Image 5

For the second leg, in skin color:
Cast on 16 stitches into the opening left from row 1 of the first leg.
Repeat steps from row 1-7 of the first leg. Don’t forget to sew the opening between the legs.


Continue in skin color:
Crochet the necessary stitches to reach the middle of the leg from behind to form the heel
Rnd 1: 1, 11 sc (12)
Rnd 2-4: 12 sc (12)
Cut off excess wire and finish stuffing.
Rnd 5: To close the foot, crochet the necessary stitches to end up on the inner side of the foot, fold the fabric and join as follows: 1 and 4 sl st.
For the second foot, repeat steps from rounds 1-5 of the first foot. (Note that the first sc will be the big toe of the foot, so it should end up on the inner side.)

Image 6

In turquoise color:
Rnd 1: Resume working on the 8 sc left on hold in row 4 of the trunk and add 1 sc in the armpit (the corner): 9 sc (9)
Rnd 2: [2 sc, 1 inc] x 3 (12)
Rnd 3: FLO, 12 sc (12)
Continue with the arm

Image 6
Arms (make 2)

In the skin color:
Rnd 1: BLO, From the second round of the sleeve: [1 sc, 1 dec] x 4 (8)
Rnd 2-6:Β 8 sc (8)
Rnd 7:Β 1 sc, 1 , 6 sc (8)
The becomes the finger, so it should end up on the front; you may need to adjust the number of stitches you crochet at the beginning of round 7. (For the second arm, I crocheted: 6 sc, 1, 1 sc)
Rnd 8:Β 8 sc (8)
Rnd 9:Β [2 sc, 1 dec] x 2 (6)
Fasten off with yarn needle.
For the second arm, repeat steps 1-3 of the first sleeve and steps 1-9 of the first arm.
Do not fasten off the second arm; you will thread through the wire to articulate it.

Image 7

Measure the wire, cut it, and thread it through the trunk.

Image 8

Cut off the excess wire and close the second arm.

Ears (make 2)

In skin color.
Worked in rows.
Rnd 1:Β Inside a magic ring, crochet 6 sc, ch 1, turn.
Rnd 2:Β 6 inc (12)
Do not tighten the magic ring completely, leaving it somewhat loose to form a semicircle. Leave a long tail for sewing. Sew the ears between rows 20 and 23.


In white color.
Rnd 1:Β Ch 42 and join by making the 1st sc in the first chain to form a ring.
Rnd 2-8:Β 42 sc (42)
Rnd 9:Β [20 sc, 1 inc] x 2 (44)
Rnd 10: [21 sc, 1 inc] x 2 (46)
Rnd 11:Β To separate the legs, join in the center with 2 sl st: skip 21 sc and make 2 sl st to join both parts. Cut the yarn and weave in the end.
Embroider the diaper’s straps on the sides with yellow color.

Image 9
  • Embroider the eyebrows.
  • Attach hair strands to the head.

Congratulations! You did it! The Wonder Woman pattern is complete. Thank you for your support! I hope you enjoyed crafting the Amigurumilandia's patterns.

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